Living life on autopilot

The recipe for war is…

Yes, life might be pain. But don’t run away from pain, confront it! Don’t lose your body, be it! Otherwise, you lose yourself and become numb. When you don’t connect with your body and mind, you live on autopilot. Life is easy, but not fulfilling. Life is without pain, but also without real pleasure.

Olga Skalska is a Polish psychologist and entrepreneur who lives in Denmark and helps people with just that: becoming ourselves by confronting pain, pleasure, and the body. She even runs her own dancing class, which Jakob, of course, had to try.

Social media is a direct pipeline to autopilot city. It’s overwhelming, it’s constant, it’s easy. The thing is, losing yourself is one thing – but a whole society being consumed by the powers of social media, that’s a whole different scale. When people choose the absence of feeling over pain, the easy route over the hard one, and discrimination and ignorance over understanding of oneself and others?

That is the recipe for war.