The Mental Health Trap

“I don’t need a Harvard research paper to tell me that social media is bad” We are in the midst of a loneliness epidemic. More people than ever feel all alone – boys, girls, women, and men. Is it toxic masculinity keeping men from opening up? Do people just not know how to talk about it, or even what to talk about? We shouldn’t be talking about what is wrong with the younger generation. We should be acting on how to make people be well.

Subhi Irshed was lonely for a long, long time. When he performed his best, he felt his worst. Then he decided to do something. It shouldn’t be like this. But how? Well, maybe we don’t need an extensive longitudinal study from a university to tell us: yes, we feel bad. And it seems that the things learned decades ago no longer apply. Work-life balance doesn’t work out.

We need life balance. We need to act, we need to make the government aware and hold the corporations accountable. We need wellbeing.